Car Control and Autocross


Car Control and Autocross

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We are pleased to announce that we are adding our first car control and autocross event that will be held on the new skid pad at Thunderhill raceway! The event will be held on October TBD and start at 9am and end at 4pm. It will include 1 hour of classroom time and the following exercises:

  • Emergency braking and threshold braking
  • Trail braking
  • Weight transfer
  • Cornering
  • Change of direction/lane change
  • Autocross with 4 runs per driver

These events will be set up in a safe environment. There will only be 1 car run through each exercise at a time to ensure the safety of each driver and car. We will have a staff of experienced instructors both for the classroom session and exercises. This event is for all levels of drivers ranging from no experience to very experienced. We are limiting this event to 40 drivers to ensure the best possible learning environment.