Track Days

  • Low car count

  • Typically 3 run groups with 7, 20-minute sessions

  • Relaxed atmosphere, no racing


Membership Benefits

  • Professional event photography at no charge

  • Access to “Member Only” Exclusive events

  • Discounted event pricing

  • No late fees

  • No cancellation charges


Car Control

  • Safely explore your limits and beyond

  • Learn advanced control techniques


HPD Instruction

  • Easy-going, highly-skilled professional instructors with years of track experience

  • Available for all skill and experience levels



European Track Days

  • Ever wanted to drive the Nurburgring, Spa, Portimao or Ascari?

  • Exclusive can make the connection to some unique motorsports driving experiences through our European partner RSR

  • Contact us so we can discuss your “dream” European track experience 

Run group format, and session length are subject to change.