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What’s the old slogan: “Membership has it’s privileges”? Well that is certainly true for Exclusive Members. Exclusive Members save hundreds, if not thousands, over the course of their membership period.  


Program Features:


• Agreed value, physical damage coverage up to $175,000

• Coverage applies on the track and in the paddock

• Supplemental Coverage includes towing and storage if your car is disabled, cleanup and removal of pollutants caused by your vehicle and rental car reimbursement.

• Customized coverage for vehicle modifications such as custom paint or body kits

• Covers up to 3 days of an HPDE/Track Day event

• Competitively priced and quick to quote; it only takes about 30 seconds to obtain a quote, and 5 minutes to purchase a policy. Coverage can be purchased same day, right up to the start of an event.