Exhilaration and Peace of Mind

Drivers use the term 'flow' to refer to those moments when driver and car, as one, seem to fly over the pavement... a state where the distractions of life melt away and all that remains is the exhilaration of speed.

It’s these moments that OpenTrack strives to enhance with peace of mind.

Insurance Products

Coverage for both your car and your actions. The rush should come from your speed, not your financial risk.

Physical Damage Protection
Coverage for Your Car: On-track financial protection if you crash your own car.

Liability Protection
Coverage for Your Actions: On-track financial protection if you harm someone else or their property; including track property.

Policies Designed for the Driver

On-Demand Daily Policy
Pay for coverage only when you need it. Perfect for casual drivers tracking only a few times per year.

12-Month Policy
Unlimited event policy at one annual premium. Designed for high-valued supercars & exotics.