Frequently Asked Questions



Registration, Membership and Typical Event Day


Are there different run groups and where do I belong?

We have three run groups at most events: A is Expert or fast (+25 events experience), B is Skilled or medium (10-25 events), and C is Novice or beginner (first time to 10 track days). We have an “honor system” so you will place yourself in the appropriate group. Please be honest and self-aware in your selection. Perhaps ask your most direct friend, we all have those :-), which run group you should be in.


What is is the service we use to process our event registrations and process payments. Once you complete the initial registration, subsequent registrations are much simpler and less time consuming.


How many on-track sessions will I receive?

Most of our events each driver receives 7 20-minute driving sessions at very competitive prices. We say this because most of our competitors charge considerably more for less time on track, often 5 or even just 4 sessions. We do have select events with fewer sessions; however, these are at discounted pricing.


What are your passing restrictions and how many cars on course?

At Exclusive, we pride ourselves on having low car counts per run group to avoid congestion and provide more smiles per mile. Passing is open and requires a point by courtesy.


Is membership required to drive at an Exclusive event?

No, membership is NOT required. However, the Exclusive Membership provides many discounts and opportunities potentially worth thousands over the course of a single season.

What forms do I need to fill out for my event?

You need to complete the liability waiver and the tech inspection forms.

Can I gift a Gift Certificate, an Event or a Membership?

Yes to all. Click <here> to be directed to our page to process your Gift Certificate or other purchases. A free membership is required to process the transaction. For events or membership gifts, add the item(s) to your cart. Once processed, you may gift the “credit” for the recipient to redeem at a later date. These credits do not expire.


Is one-on-one instruction available and what is the price?

Yes. Individual instruction is available for all driver abilities and experience levels. Pricing starts at $250 for 4 20-minute sessions with a 5 minute debrief after each season.


What are Taxi laps?

Taxi laps are a highly limited opportunity to ride shotgun with an instructor in their car or a demonstrator car. Pricing depends on the car. Exclusive Members will have first access to book taxi laps.


Is food or drink provided provided?

No. Please come prepared to stay nourished and hydrated during the event. There is a cafe on site to purchase food and drinks.


I am interested in booking a car rental and track day in Europe. How do I do that?

We know that the process can seem daunting. Things are done a bit differently in Europe than here in the US. We are here to help you through every step of the process. Contact us and we will begin the dialogue to book your custom European experience.


I am interested in driving formula cars and perhaps taking the Allen Berg Racing School. How do I do that?

( is our strategic partner at many events at Laguna Seca. He provides a fantastic opportunity to drive exciting formula cars and receive top-notch driving instruction.


Vehicle and Driver/Passenger Requirement Questions


Is there a charge for passengers to ride or for spectators?

No, it is free of charge for spectators to attend. One passenger is permitted to ride and there is also no charge. Some restrictions apply.


What are the car requirements?

Car must be in excellent working order with no fluid leaks of any kind. Tires and brakes must have at least 50% remaining wear. Convertible cars require factory rollover protection or aftermarket roll bar or cage.

You can review our technical inspection sheet here.


What are the driver and passenger requirements?

2010 or newer helmet. Highly recommend driving shoes and gloves although they are not required.


Are helmets provided or available for rental?

No. The store at Thunderhill has a selection of rental helmets available. If you as driver or passenger need a helmet, please make arrangements prior to the event.


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